Monday, September 22, 2008

The Third Screen

An insider’s view of the online media industry over the last 5 years has involved me in numerous conversations, with interested parents, regarding the impact of online media in the lives of their children; conversations that have now grown to requests for a formal way to share this knowledge. In recognition of this a 2 hour seminar, ‘The Third Screen’, has been produced; that deals with the issues around online media usage by today's schoolchildren .

The aim is to provide information and parental strategies on the following topics: SA online media ecosystem, online content implications, media behaviour patterns among kids, instant messaging case study (Mxit), social media case study (Facebook), online video case study (YouTube), mobile advertising case study (Eyeballs), virtual world case study (Second Life), online safety practice for families, a view of the future in online media.

The seminar consists of a Power Point presentation followed by a Q&A session. Each attendee will receive a copy of the presentation on CD, which is included in the nominal fee of R100-00 per person. In the interest of efficiency, a minimum of 10 bookings will be needed before a seminar is scheduled. Please direct enquiries and bookings to