Thursday, February 17, 2011

Pronoia 1

Are you in quest of a Soul Friend or a Freak Flag Consort? A Wild Confidante or a Master of Curiosity, who listens better than anyone ever; or a Lucid Dreamer with whom you can practice the art of liberation. The invitations below have been designed by the Rapturist to attract allies who are committed to the art of compassion and reverence. If you're a Crafty Optimist or Mystical Activist or Ceremonial Teaser, who aspires to put the elation back in relationship, you're invited to plagiarize any part of these for your own use. As you know, the world is conspiring to shower you with blessings.

My Eyes Remind You Where You Come From
Uncork me, angel. Unfurl me. Release me and restore me and unleash me. Not because I can't do it myself. Not because I'm just another narcissism-addict jonesing for a quick fix. On the contrary. I'm the most self-sufficient self-starter I've ever met. It's from my position of strength that I aspire to whip up spectacular synergies in tandem with your holy rolling reverberations. So, keep in mind that I'm here to uncork you and unfurl you and release you and restore you and unleash you, too. That's the art of the game that stretches out before us in all directions. That's the beauty of the gritty reality that's disguised as a glittery fantasy. As you bless my risks and massage my unconsciousness and save my soul, I'll always vice your versa. P.S. My last fortune cookie said, "You need nothing and want everything." 

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