Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Dear God

Dear God is a new website started by one of world's leading trend forecasters. This is the press release: "From the founder of The Cool Hunter comes; a startlingly new concept of spirituality where people from all over the planet reveal their innermost hopes and fears in the form of prayers to God. Dear God is completely non-denominational and the term God is used in the broadest sense – encompassing every religion’s concept of a higher power; be it a Christian God, a Muslim God or simply a fluid idea of universal energy.

In its first week, the site has sparked an organic revolution, with people all over the world embracing the opportunity to unburden themselves, to share their hopes and fears with others in an effort create hope, healing, inner peace and clarity. From the poignant and the heart-wrenching to even the light-hearted and the humorous, the posts on Dear God cover the gamut of human experience, providing a powerfully raw and honest insight into our world today. Articles such as "Thank you God for ridding me of God", being a case in point.

As one online site stated "After viewing this website I found it to be so honest of the world’s reflection and thoughts. See we as believers probably wonder and ask the same types of questions, but never express them to anyone. There are a lot of different views about what and who God is and that is reflected in this site. Try to not view this with a closed mind…try not to debate that you know the right answer…try to view this as an opportunity to peek into the heart of our world."

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