Thursday, April 3, 2008

Introduction to Cunkuri

This blog is borne out of a sense of wonder, and bewilderment, when looking at the current state of our great experiment. Maybe this treatise will go unread, but perhaps like minded individuals will gravitate into it's orbit. Whichever way events unfold, this exercise is aimed at adding voices to the discussion. This blog has no restrictions for comment or content, although certain priorities will emerge according to posts. Join in and participate...discuss and information...question everything...above all, do so with positive intent.

Why the name Cunkuri? The name was taken from a Khoisan language and specifically refers to having a vision. Despite the spiritual overtones of this concept, the Khoisan remain the oldest continuous culture on the planet and their ancient wisdom has a practical quality so absent in modern life. Its glaringly obvious that the world is desperate for a new vision; be it in political or socio-economic interaction, environmental concerns, inter-personal relationships or spiritual guidance. They also refer to themselves as the circle people, which denotes their belief in the cyclical nature of life. We can learn much from a society that has lived in harmony with nature for thousands of years, and have never declared war on another human being.

One doesn't have to only live in the developing world to know that gross inequalities exist on the planet, and that the current imbalance in nature is just one manifestation of our disintegrating system. Its no secret either that our numbers are rising sharply and that the subsequent demand on the world's resources is approaching crisis levels. Material accumulation is in rampant overdrive, wreaking wholesale destruction on this giant orb that sustains us all. Wars are fought over fossil fuel deposits that will ensure the long term demise of the warmongers anyway, as they ramp up industrial output to squeeze even more profit out of polluting factories. Fully 80% of the planet's food production is distributed, and therefore controlled, by only 4 gigantic corporations. The first empire of the third millennium, the USA, uses international military might with impunity in order to maintain a domestic consumer society.

If depression is the name of the game we can continue along this path and find a virtually inexhaustible supply of examples. However, as we all know, every debate always comes round to a need for a solution. Its the essential nature of what it is to be human. We always adapt and overcome, whatever the odds. So, what stands us to do? Simple really, we will finally have to commit to the true meaning of the word collaboration. This will mean equitable redistribution of the world's resources; be it access to or exploitation of them. Technologies that can make an immediate impact on our planetary issues need to be released and brought to market, regardless of the profits still attainable in current systems. Neutralization of the vested interests in ideologies, that will prevent continued political and religious strife. One recent proposition claimed that 6.5 billion people on the planet are controlled by 1 million security personnel, who ultimately report to 100 000 political and economic decision makers.

So, why are we collaborating with such a tiny minority that clearly could care less for our well being? Well, its the same old reason it has always been during times of great transition, and therefore confrontation: its easier to let someone else take care of the responsibility. The norms of our society have emasculated our authentic voices, till they have become no more than a whisper. We whisper our acquiescence as we slave double the hours of the day our ancestors needed to sustain themselves. We continue to whisper when the hard earned proceeds of that labour is handed back to buy more material possessions we don't need. Yet, if we were to stop doing so what will happen to us you ask? Nothing, nothing bad that is. Because we are so conditioned to fear responses, we have become habituated to intolerable situations. We accept them as the norm and in that lies the seed of our own destruction.

Taking personal responsibility is the only way forward. This time round though it means that we need to take back our institutions too. One step at a time, one small gesture per day, one unexpected smile when meeting a stranger. Its our world, all 6.5 billion of us, not just the 500 billionaires. A last thought. The tribes of Israel had a common practise in antiquity. They would labour for 9 years and prosper according to each individual's ability. In the 10th year they would convene to redistribute all possessions and start all over again. This system kept their society in harmony by only producing what could be consumed, not hoarded. Wealth was denoted by personal relationships and human affairs, rather than possessions. This principle is common amongst first nation tribes from Native Americans to Aborigines, Amazonian peoples and the Khoisan. We will do well to remember, and share, what we once knew.

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