Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Virtual Oil Field

Electric cars and windmills are the most complementary products in the green world. Windmills generate a lot more energy at night, as wind picks up when the air cools down. Unfortunately, when you get a lot of wind most people are asleep and the electricity needs to be re-routed elsewhere. Cars are parked at night waiting to get electricity into the batteries - which is a perfect match to the electricity profile of wind generation.

Denmark has 20% of its generation capacity coming from wind. I learned that only 13% of the electrons though are wind electrons, the rest are sold to Norway and Germany - practically for free some times. Those 7% can drive every car in Denmark if you converted the fleet to Electric Vehicles. Clean, Cheap and Abundant - Electric Gasoline...

An ambitious project, called Better Place, is to build an entire electric car infrastructure, starting in Israel. The cars will be free, you'll pay for the electricity. (Picture taken in Denmark by Quin Garcia of the Better Place team).

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